Overarching Floor Lamp Brass,Vintage Black Wrought Iron Floor Lamp | Goodly Light-GL-FLM138

This over arching floor lamp is a great behind the couch lamp thanks to its adjustable lampshade. Minimalist design takes up the least space for you to place the arch floor lamps anywhere your need it. You may use the lamp as a office standing lamp, bedside reading light, floor reading lamp.

Industrial Style Brass Floor Lamp,Modern Arc Floor Lamp,Standing Hanging Light with Adjustable Wide Dome Lampshade for Living Rooms,Dining Areas, and Studios

This gorgeous metal floor lamp designed by  Goodly light. This retro industrial style brass lamp impressed you with its wide dome shade. Featuring a large adjustable shade with a white interior,this metal floor lamp casts a bright light, making it perfect for lighting up your favourite reading chair.  Its arc design adds stylish touch. This lamp will blend in with any décor and is perfect for living rooms, dining areas, and studios.

The Arc Floor Lamp

Debuted in the 1960s, arc floor lamp is created to project light onto a table and now is used for much more - beside reading chairs, seating areas and more, creating a wonderful island of light to read and relax. And its style has seen countless iterations, mid-century arc floor lamp, industrial arc floor lamp, modern arc floor lamp, you can find so many kinds of style.

What should we pay attention to when choosing an arc floor lamp?

1. Measure the available space beforehand. 2. If the arc floor lamp is used for reading, Choose an arced lamp with a depth of around 50 cm, so it can be positioned close to an armchair. And it’s better an height adjustable lamp, which ensures the light can be adapted to suit your specific needs. 3. If you want to light up dining areas, large arc floor lamps with a height and depth of at least 2 m will be needed. Arco, was in fact designed specifically for dining rooms. If you want to illuminate your dining table with a curved floor lamp as well, please choose a height and depth that will allow you to comfortably walk beneath the arc floor lamp.

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